The best cycling route in Anhui?

安徽天路 Anhui Sky Road

这是一个很棒的一进一出带两个爬升的大环线!An amazing out and back or big loop with a double climb!

天路是一条非常值得一游的山脊线路线!从野趣乡居(驱车1小时即可到达屯溪。骑行结束后在屯溪吃午餐,然后餐馆探索古镇,再返回民宿!The sky road is a proper ridge line route worth a trip for! An easy 1h drive to Tunxi from Have lunch in Tunxi after the ride and explore the old town before you come back to the homestay!

强烈推荐!Highly highly recommended.

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