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  • Lots of planning

    Lots of planning

    Been busy planning for this trip! A bit worried about cold weather at the end of April at 4000+ meters! Also the recent security situation. Both seem manageable and within our risk acceptance parameters! Anyway better to be a bit over prepared and geared for this type of thing. Self-sufficient, take all our own gear,…

  • 斯里兰卡骑行之旅


    2024 02: 主路有点疯狂,没有骑行乐趣。 小路提供了良好的骑行体验,因此请尝试仅通过乡村小路、砾石运河路和清静、起伏的小路来规划路线。 强烈建议使用砾石自行车,并配备大量变速来应对陡峭的路面,而一些半光滑的胖胎(例如 Sworks 42 )非常适合恶劣的道路和干燥的越野路线。 找一辆后援车很方便,而且不是很贵。 一年中的这个时候天气很好,但请记住防晒霜! 美味的食物、非常好的服务、很多值得一看的东西和有趣的住宿,完美的假期(或骑行)……。 Cycling in Sri Lanker 2024 02: The main roads are kind of crazy and no fun for cycling. The back roads offer a good cycling experience so try and plot your routes only via the village lanes, gravel canal roads , and quiet, undulating…