Trip Routes 探骑路线

Some of the key route areas we are trying to explore in the hope other people further explore and adventure ride around these areas.

Finding Shangrila
Linking The Diamond Trail: Finding interesting paths between Lijiang, Lugu, Yading, Shangrila and back to Lijiang. Lovely, remote and adventurous.

Spicy Panda Trail
Big loops and massive climbs west of Chengdu.

Huizhou Merchants Trail (HMT)
A very nice 5 to 7 day loop in Anhui, Jiangxi & Zhejiang. Not to hard, easy to adapt and many local jumping on off points. Link

Natural Silk Road
Around Qilian along the silk road & Hexi Corridor in Gansu. Link

Angry Rivers & Beautiful Hills
jumping over the three rivers; Yangtze, Mekong & Nujiang (translates to the angry river) and Meili (translates to beautiful) Mountain area in Northern Yunnan. Link

Various other rides to upload over the winter.

China has many great routes and trips. Adventure by yourself or go on a guided tour organised by many local bike clubs and some of the professional outfitters such as Serk or Ridenow for full-service cycling trips.