EBC QianNiuGang

Epic Banana Climb: QianNiuGang – Road 25km 1250m 5% or so.

One of the longest climbs in Zhejiang (maybe longest?). Choose a good day and you will be rewarded with great views towards Qiandao Hu to the South and Qingliangfeng to the North.

The climbs consists of 5 parts. The 1st part leaving the town and tourist area and heading around the resinous. Part 2 starts as you take a sharp right on a smaller road, bend around a waterfall and head through a tunnel and up.. The 3rd stage takes you around a long bend up the mountain. The 4th meanders along western section with great views of Daming and the 5th part a section of switchbacks taking you to the radar station summit.

Segment: https://www.strava.com/segments/17164693

🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 5 out of 8 bananas for Daming QNG Climb. 



China | Zhejiang | Linan | Daming. G56 motorway exit 5 minutes from start of climb.

Bring enough water for climbing and return. 2 bottles. 2 gels and snack for the top.

J&J Everest on QianNiuGang back in 2016 – First Everest in mainland China. 350+ KM, 9000m, 22h.

Routes up and over Daming