SFR 10

150km 3500m Ha Giang to Dong Van

An epic day. My stomach cleared up overnight and feeling a little stronger. Pleased, as this turned out to be the hardest day. Basically what felt like nonstop climbing for most of it and most of the 3 climbs were at 10%. Got a bit paranoid about not having a rear brake but ended up not being an issue. Should have eaten more and by the end shagged! The first part started following a river, then up through pine forests, then down and up with the finial climb taking me into a bit off a rocky pinnacle moonscape and then mixed with a bit more greenery. Some really spectacular landscapes and geology. Arrived Dong Van and stuffed my face and had a good sleep. Really worth the visit!

A little bit of flat to begin
1st climb
Stunning views all day
Top first climb
Hills all day
Kids racing you uphill
Pine woodland
2nd climb
nice downhill
3rd climb
up and up
up down up down
getting closer
last pass
China just over those hills
Getting dark
yup, not great for braking.