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  • SFR D1

    SFR D1

    100km Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong. Mostly flat. Easy late flight up to CR the night before, stayed in a clean budget hotel which did the trick and got the bike built Saturday am. Left CR 9am and cycled an uneventful day of 100km through rubber plantations, rice, parm, and villages.  Bike doing its thing.…

  • SFR Pre Ride

    SFR Pre Ride

    A flight from PRC to TH Phuket. A few days with family chilling and then flight to BK > Chiang Rai. Spending time tweaking the route. Thanks to riding buddies Liam, Ed, Huub and also David & Ash from Velo Vietnam for all the route info. Riden only about 30% of this route so lots…