SCG 周末探骑Tanqi Weekend

上海女子骑行团在野趣乡居的探骑周,学习了下坡和爬坡技巧,度过了一个收获满满的周末。A productive learning weekend for some of the ladies from the Shanghai Cycling Girls group @wildhomestay learning some descending and climbing skills. 室内课堂 Indoor Classes 户外练习 Outdoor Classes 有趣的社交 Fun & Social 骑行后的恢复(感谢tc的专业拉伸指导)Post Ride Recovery (many thanks to tc for the professional stretching) 受伤管理(感谢tc的专业指导)Injury Management (many thanks to tc for the professional introduction) 社交骑 Social… Continue reading SCG 周末探骑Tanqi Weekend

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