KKH1 Kashgar & China Side

I decided to turn up a little early and check out Kashgar.

Stayed in the old town. A touch OTT on the disneyfication but that could be said about most old tourist towns anywhere. Cool to check out the old mosque and the sense of scale and markets of the ancient trading center are still apparent. Was expecting to see more Islamic influenced architecture but I guess that’s melted with time. Nice ride with the local university team and Giant shop boss. Some great food, very friendly people and off we set.

Day 1: Up to the lake. Good to be on the bikes. Steady climb to the Lake with a cold front of snow and high winds hitting us.

Day 2: Lake to Tashgorgan. Amazing day with all types of weather and one main climb.

Stunning. Tashgorgan is a hub of the area, where we have to catch the bus from, has one great restaurant and a few hotels. A real frontier town. Some great cycling in the area.

Day 3: The Stans. Cycling not too far from Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A few expected stops by Immigration Police. Side roads all blocked off with people standing in them. I guess that’s the way the border is partly controlled. Mind-boggling to think how China manages is vast border! We planed to do the famous Panlong 600 switchback loop road but forced back due to bad weather. We made it to the top at least.

Day 4: Mandatory Bus over the border. Takes the better part of a day.

Buy tickets 9am sharp, line up, immigration, packed into buses and up and over the pass and down again to Sost Town Pakistani side.


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