KKH Karakorum Highway

Kashgar to Islamabad by bicycle (a bit in bus where we have to) over the highest international pass in the world @4700m (Friendship Pass). Check out this post for more info on the highway.

Completed at the end of April / beginning of May 2024. About 1200km 20,000m. A few big hills.

200 Chinese and 1000 plus Pakistanis died building the road and probably the same amount die each each traveling on it! Its somewhat dangerous but has some of the most stunning scenery anywhere.

A German, A Irishman & A American Brit – all old mates from Shanghai where we live, decided it was about time to go on our yearly adventure and this is one part of the world we’ve always wanted to visit.

Many thanks to Specialized for the Bikes, Lululemon my off bike and cold weather gear, Coros for navigation and many other of the kind companies who lend us their equipment to test and play with. Also thanks to Zhu, Qing and others who help gather info and support us. We could not do the adventure without them.



Go to RWGPS to see a collection of the routes / GPX files. Alternatively download a Zip file of the GPX’s

The rough route with some notes.