KKH2 Hunza Valley

The place to explore! Amazing scenery and people. I hope to be back.

Day 5: back up the border – Khunjerab Pass. A massive day of cycling and one of my top 10 rides..

80km up to 4700m! The climb is not so hard but the air is not so thick, so the last hour or so was tough. The scenery makes you quickly forget any altitude issues. Very friendly Pakistani border guards. A half our stay at the top and then a massive downhill retracing our route up.

Day 6: Sost to Normal. Another top 10 ride! Stunning.

Morning ride down to Karimabad. Probably worth a day or two staying in this area checking out the hills and doing some hiking. Karimabad has many hotel options with a massive new resort being built. Just stayed for lunch and moved on.

Great afternoon of riding. Stopped for very civilized coffee, cake and ice cream at the base of a 7600m peak. Went on and came across the lovely Das E Basi Inn. A real oasis of a place, great food, garden, host and sleep. The best stay of the trip.