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探骑是闪电与野趣乡居的合作项目,旨在促进更多的人爱上骑 We want people to experience the interest, fun and excitement of visiting Chinas remote and wild places with a bike. Travel and explore at your own pace, at human speed, through interesting landscapes interacting with local cultures while getting fitter and stronger!. The path never ends!



骑行的视频介绍! 在YouTube上也看到 Tanqi is a non-profit partnership between Specialized China and Wildhomestay to support and empower adventure cycling in China. A video introduction to adventure biking around the Wildhomestay Area!. Also, see on youtube.

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清迈骑行之旅Chiang Mai Rides

非常享受在泰国清迈的骑行。如果空气质量还可以的话,绝对值得一游。从上海出发,3.5小时的航班既简单又便宜。在市中心找一家AirBnB,骑行、放松、吃饭,逛逛集市和景点。Chiangmai, Thailand has some seriously good cycling. Definitely worth the visit if the air is ok. A easy and cheap ...
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Dirty Bike Fit!

Borrowing or renting a bike? A quick and dirty method to get a simple fit. A. Get your cycling kit ...
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Dirty Shoe Advice for Beginners.

A quick note on shoes for the Dirty Challenge (and bike touring / exploring in general). If you like your ...
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N+1 Sprint Adventures

The Allez is Specialized non-thrills Aluminum entry road bike but within the range is the Sprint model which is designed ...
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SCG 周末探骑Tanqi Weekend

上海女子骑行团在野趣乡居的探骑周,学习了下坡和爬坡技巧,度过了一个收获满满的周末。A productive learning weekend for some of the ladies from the Shanghai Cycling Girls group @wildhomestay learning some descending and ...
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Cycling Skills Weekends


Join us for one of our Cycling Skills Weekends. Check out our HOW section.

Experience Great Bikes

参加探骑周末活动。 非常适合新骑手或那些想在山路建立更多的技能。 周末价格在1200元左右,包括住宿、自行车、活动和食物!物超所值! 查看我们详细的周末行程。 对于经验更丰富或更独立的骑手,可以租一辆多功能自行车

Visit Wildhomestay in Anhui to experience some great adventure riding on great adventure bikes! Just come up and rent one of the Specialized Diverge & flat bar bikes or join one of the Tanqi learning cycling weekends.

Challenge Yourself


From there join one of the DirtyClean Challenges to test your fitness, skills and meet the community. We hold 3 Clean (tarmac) and 3 Dirty (all surface) Challenges each year.

Explore China! Best by Bike!