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  • KKH Alternative Routes & Equipment

    KKH Alternative Routes & Equipment

    More places to explore. Volcanoes & Loop Hunza Valley K2 Area Bubusar Equipment: Roubaix Bikes Mondo Tires Cold Weather Gear GPS Navigation SOS & Insurance

  • KKH4 Small hills

    KKH4 Small hills

    Day 10: To Murree Day 11: Murree Loop Day 12: Islamabad and fly out

  • KKH3 Bandit Lands

    KKH3 Bandit Lands

    Day 7 : Normal to Chillas Day 8 : Chilas to Bisham Day 9: Bisham to Abbottabad Babashan closed…..

  • KKH2 Hunza Valley

    KKH2 Hunza Valley

    The place to explore! Amazing scenery and people. I hope to be back. Day 5: back up the border – Khunjerab Pass. A massive day of cycling and one of my top 10 rides.. 80km up to 4700m! The climb is not so hard but the air is not so thick, so the last hour…

  • KKH1 Kashgar & China Side

    KKH1 Kashgar & China Side

    I decided to turn up a little early and check out Kashgar. Stayed in the old town. A touch OTT on the disneyfication but that could be said about most old tourist towns anywhere. Cool to check out the old mosque and the sense of scale and markets of the ancient trading center are still…

  • Lots of planning

    Lots of planning

    Been busy planning for this trip! A bit worried about cold weather at the end of April at 4000+ meters! Also the recent security situation. Both seem manageable and within our risk acceptance parameters! Anyway better to be a bit over prepared and geared for this type of thing. Self-sufficient, take all our own gear,…