Lots of planning

Been busy planning for this trip!

A bit worried about cold weather at the end of April at 4000+ meters! Also the recent security situation. Both seem manageable and within our risk acceptance parameters! Anyway better to be a bit over prepared and geared for this type of thing.

Self-sufficient, take all our own gear, unaccompanied and staying at local inns and hotels on the way. Weather looks to be between minus 10 and plus 30.

We each have a Roubaix / Road-gravel bike, 3 bike bags, cold and wet weather gear and a few other things.

We’ve got our PK visas and also applied through the Shanghai police for our “Border” passes for the Kashgar / China section of the trip. Hopefully those will be helpful during the security checks.

Fresh 35mm Mondo’s! Hopefully correct balance of speed and durability. Lets see.

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